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The Walnut Cakes

Our story begins in 2005, when a foodpreneur decided to expand her passion for baking. Our founder Mrs Bindu Benny, like any other Baker, wanted to open a bakery of her own. With a few in-house recipies formulated by herself, she set up our first shop in the town of Kalpetta, located in the heart of Wayanad, under the banner of Kochikunnel Food products. All the freshly baked goodies, made from scratch with top notch ingredients, were stocked up from our own production house at KINFRA Park in Chundale. Our pastries and signature plum cakes soon captured the hearts of people as they rushed in to the corners of our bakery everyday. We were welcomed whole heartedly by locals and tourists alike. So then we decided to expand further with six other outlets in different parts of Wayanad, as our cakes, pastries, doughnuts and other delicacies became your favourites. Today we are a chain of seven outlets looking forward to open our doors to different parts of world.

Velvet cake:
Adding a twist to the classic red velvet cakes by introducing fruit flavors like orange and blueberry

Signature cakes:
A surprising blend of cheese with fruity flavors like mango, strawberry and tender coconut in cakes.

Truffle cake:
Soft spongy cakes topped with silky smooth ganache in a variety of rich flavors like hazelnut, mango, strawberry, chocolate etc

Cheese cake:
Classic cheese cakes made of mascarpone cheese, fresh fruits and chocolate

Butter cream:
Velvet cakes and peanut butter cake in soft and fluffy butter cream frosting

Fresh cream:
The cult favorite fluffy whipped fresh cream cakes in multiple flavors of coffee, fresh fruits, salted caramel, rafello chocolate, butterscotch, vancho etc

Forest cakes:
Classic black forest and other variations in a variety of fresh fruit flavors

Plum Cake:
Our signature plum cakes preserved in spices and dry fruits, available in three varieties.

TEA cakes:
A variety of soft spongy cakes to pair with your evening tea and coffee.

Cookies and biscuits:
Crunchy coconut and nutty flavored cookies for a yummy snack any time of the day

A bite size cake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Special cookies:
Soft and chewy cookies with a pint of chunky chocolate and nuts

Mouthwatering sweet treats filled with cream, hazelnut or pineapple

Brownies and Tarts:
chocolate and nut flavored brownies and dry fruit fudgy tarts

Fast Food:
Puffs, milk buns and other favorite tea time spicy snacks

A variety of Indian sweets from ladoos, jalebis and pedas to make your celebrations and festivals special

Chips and fried:
Fried Indian snacks and chips like murukku and banana chips to munch on with some hot chai or filter coffee

Home made chocolates with a blend of flavours

Bread and Buns:
Freshly baked soft breads and to club with your favourite spread or some butter

Rusk and Milk toast:
Short crisp biscotti to dunk in your hot drink

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